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Jan 30, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,
Before reading the God Delusion, I had considered myself an Agnostic. Figuring that Atheism would be an extremist view, I needed some thorough and rational discourse to change that position. Naturally, upon reading the God Delusion, I now realize that the rational position is as a functional atheist. Just as we’re all agnostic in the sense towards fairies or other mythical creatures which we cannot prove, we remain agnostic to most unprovable things. The illumination came when realizing that although we may be Agnostic in that sense, in reality, the proper philosophical position is Atheism. The probability that such mythical things exist are so infinitesimally small that the likelyhood approaches close to zero.

Having realized my Atheism, a whole new paradigm shift has occurred within my thinking. As you spoke of Julia Sweeney and her acceptance of Atheism in your book; the opening of all sorts of new arenas, and the feeling she had of enlightenment, I feel as though I'm repeating those motions. Just like her, I have tested it out, realizing that there truly is comfort and beauty in the universe. The awe that no metaphysical or supernatural forces can possibly effect the outcome of our cosmos is truly uplifting.

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