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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr Dawkins,

Thank You for such clear writing in "The God Delusion". It has finally made me "own up" to the fact that I don't believe in a supernatural creator or "God". That belief was handed down from my mother. She was a daughter of an Anglican Vicar. Part of the reason I continued to go to church as an Adult was to remember her after she died. Church reminds me of her.

I have used the time in Church to contemplate life the Universe and everything (as much as my limited intellect allows — Your brain seems like a hot-rod though!). Not actually what was in the bible but in a broader sense. I don't have anywhere else quiet and reflective like that in my busy city life. So this is a nice place to sit and think.

I agree that it is "taboo" to criticise religion — a good question — why is it so? My thoughts grow from meeting people who are fervent and "literal" in their belief in the Bible. They do seem to have a "crazy" look in their eye (Now I'm judging them!)

It is probably good evolutionary sense not to anger these types of Religious people — they are crazy and may want to kill you for calling them out on their faith. So is this taboo possibly part of natural selection?

Once again thank you for sharing your brilliant mind.

Matthew B.

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