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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,

First off I want to thank you for your book “The God Delusion. It was the most incredible life changing book I've ever read. In fact I enjoyed it so much I'm about to read it for a second time (around 3 weeks after the first).

Here's my story. I was a Christian up until I was around 12 years old. My faith began to waiver after my pastor's son told me that Catholics and Muslims were going to hell. “How could this be?”, I thought,”I thought all good people went to heaven.” As you can see I didn't really have a full grasp on Christian theology at the time. At any rate I quit going to church after that. I just couldn't reconcile what I was being told by members of the church and what was being taught in our youth group.

I remained an agnostic up until 2005, at which point I decided to finally give up on God. As you might imagine this wasn't easy as I was still very much afraid that I was wrong and would end up burning in hell.

I became very adept at debating with Christians with only my thought processes. However, I soon found that this wasn't enough. I simply did not know enough about physics and evolution to make much headway with the more intelligent (or crafty you pick) Christians. That's when your book came into my life.

My wife is very lucky to have such an open-minded grandmother as I would never have been able to read “The God Delusion” until much later. Everything in your book made a lot of sense and the pieces began to fall into place. Coupled with Carl Sagan's “The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search For God” I became much more confident in my atheism and “came out” to my wife and co-workers. Surprisingly my co-workers took it well. They tried to re-convert me, but this time around I was able to present much more solid arguments.

In closing I want to extend the largest thank-you I can muster in a written letter without sound too silly. THANK YOU!!!

Ryan Martinez


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