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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Prof Dawkins,

Of your books, I've only read "The God Delusion". This has clarified some issues for me and I have now fallen off the agnostic fence firmly onto the atheistic side. For years I have ranted and raved silently at how people could believe every word of the bible was divine, yet there are so many versions — surely some human influence must have carried through?

My parents ( Church of England in name) never forced the religious issue in our family — we could choose for ourselves. I did the confirmation and youth camp things, but it never really worked. I'm far happier being an atheist.

The reaction to me actually stating my atheism to work colleagues has been interesting to say the least!

If I cannot be officially "un-baptised", do you think I can approach the Roman Catholic Church and ask to be officially ex-communicated?

Jeremy Anderson

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