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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard.

I was born and raised a Roman Catholic and in my young years had decided to become a priest. I tried to gain all the knowledge I could by asking questions at school (Catholic School). The Priests answered some of my questions but unanserable ones were met with “you must have faith”. This was the start of my conversion to an Agnostic. The start of my conversion to Atheism was in my late teens when I read Bertrand Russell, Darwin ,and most of their works. I am now 70 years old . I must say that I felt that most of the troubles with mankind were caused by religous and creation advocates.

I have just finished “The God Delusion” and was happily suprised to read the facts that I have always relied on since I was a late teen. Your book should be required reading by every parent and every older child (who could understand it) Thanks for putting into words the things I have believed since my late teens.

I know they would never give out the Nobel Prize for this book but you deserve it Regards and keep plugging away at it.

Paul Plante

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