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Jan 30, 2013

Brought up Catholic, with all the usual rituals. At 14 realised 'Religion' was causing problems between my parents; my father was staunch Catholic, my mother rejecting Catholicism in favour of a more bible-centred evangelical approach (and horror of horror, into creationism). Realised for myself that if this was what religion could cause between otherwise loving people, I wanted no part of it. However, held on to for some years ideas of God, which slowly became ideas of consciousness (still at a supernatural level) and then finally, enlightenment this year (aged 30) with The God Delusion. Of course there are things we can't explain, or don't yet understand… (anything with the word quantum in front of it perhaps!). That's what's exciting about the world. I no longer need to think 'but that must mean something supernatural…' I live as a happy atheist, and know that every day, science is striving to unravel these and other mysteries for us.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart Prof Dawkins, and good on you. You, and those like you, are so needed.

Rebecca Hodgson

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