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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I simply wanted to thank you for allowing me to let go of any traces of religion in me. You see, I was raised to believe in God, but not actually go to any particular church. But it never quite fit with me. I didn't understand faith, so I went out and bought a King James version of the Bible.

What happened did not strengthen my faith-it demolished it. One book of the Old Testament down, and I was wondering how anyone could believe such cruel nonsense, but I could not shake off the last lingering traces of, “But there there is a God, right?”. I researched them all- Wicca, Judaism, Buddhism, everything I could find. Nothing really made sense.

I lived for three years in a painful torment between the last lingering traces of my faith, and the horrible notion that I might be an atheist. Neither was an easy option.

Then a good friend of my was simply reading The God Delusion. I asked her what it was about. She handed me the book and went to do something else. By the time she had gotten back, about ten minutes later, I was halfway through chapter one and I had never felt better!

She let me take it home with me, and I was converted. I could not believe my joy to finally be free from the rubbish I had always been taught to respect and revere. Atheism was not to be kept hidden, it was something to rejoice and share with friends and family!

I have offered the wisdom of The God Delusion to many people, and I have even converted a few awkward agnostics like I once was.

I cannot thank you enough. You have liberated me!


Hilary Wittrock

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