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Jan 30, 2013

I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala to Reverend C.C. Hargrave 43 years ago. He is a minister and was a missionary for many years. All of my family members are devout Church of God Christians. (Pretty much the snake handling kind.) I believed in God but always had too many unanswerable questions. (Apparently some things are not for us to know.) My questions have often been a thorn in the side of my family. They never could figure me out, why didn't I just believe? I felt like the worst person like something was wrong with me, now I am grateful that I had questions that led me to your book and others like it.

I won't go into all of the indoctrination that the church put me through, but suffice to say that they were enough for someone like me to internalize and make for a hard life for many years that I can never get back.

I bought your book after some upsetting life events. After reading the God Delusion I finally had some solid answers to my questions! There was nothing wrong with the questions. I never really read the bible. I know more about it now than ever before and now that I do, I understand why I had so many problems with the teachings. I cannot tell you how much your book brought me some sanity and comfort. Sometimes I still freak because this is such a new concept for me. I haven't told very many people yet, just my husband, my two daughters, and my best friend.

I am an Atheist, still sounds foreign to me but I will get used to it. Some brainwashing just takes better than others?

Thanks for the life changing book,

Charlene Braden

Mostly guilt-free and forever learning in Southern Illinois 🙂

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