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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

Just a short note to say a very big thank you for having opened my eyes and allowed me to see the universe in all its non-religious glory. I recognised myself in your book as a member of the 'I'm an athiest BUT….' club, as I had always believed that there had to be something more out there. However, your book has made me see that not only is there a full explanation for the universe without the need of a supernatural agent but also that religion is not something to be automatically tolerant of.

I am a medical student and am beginning to feel very worried about how the beliefs of some future doctors may affect the care of their patients (i.e. abortion issues, homosexual patients). I hope to do my part to try and remove religious beliefs from medical practice, and hope that other future/present doctors will do the same.

Once again many many thanks

Jennifer Tobin

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