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Jan 30, 2013

I read, or rather devoured, The God Delusion while on holiday on a canal boat. It has to go down as one of my favourite books. I found it very exciting to read and was grateful to be able to read such a well-ordered set of reasons to finally class myself as an atheist. It clarified my thinking on the subject and enabled me to finally give up wondering whether my instincts were right – that there is no God – and to feel confident in saying that there really is none. I am that rare thing, a linguist with scientific training, for whom deities have long seemed an unlikely thing. I like the idea of having the “audacity” to actually tell people that you are an atheist. I did it for the first time today! I used it in my reply to a Christian who was inviting me to a “discussion group”. I think it is a great achievement that many Christians these days find themselves having to mention Richard Dawkins as a matter of course; a great sign of his influence.
Yours, Shan Parfitt

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