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Jan 30, 2013

At 13 I accepted christ as the son of god and for over 10 years I became a liberal chrisitian involved in alternative faiths… at some points not even calling myself a christian because I did not want to be included with fundamental evangelical christians. a year ago I realized I was only justifying my doubt by saying that my religion was based on an intimate personal relationship with jesus and that the bible had perverted jesus's teachings. I hope that someone reading this can relate to me. I grew up on tooth and nail records and went to cornerstone and tomfest (two large christian music festivals). I even interned for tooth and nail (a christian punk rock record label). All of the freinds I had made had been because we were all liberal artistic creative DIY centered christians. I still think its a great community but i now realise its not great because of the spiritual aspects but for all the others.

In college at central washignton university I was challenged by a sociology professor to really think about the world around me using a sociological imagination (SOC 101 TERM). Suddenly the answers from common questions like “why does god allow so much NEEDLESS suffering?” and all that didnt seem right to say the least. A typhoon wipes out thousands of people in India and a simple plea to god goes unanswered… how am I supposed to react to that? with awe? if god where perfect would all of his acts inspire awe?

so this lead me to be angry at god and thats all the seed that science and reason needed. enter “letter to a christian nation” by Sam Harris and thats all I needed.. except for my friend Brent called my being an agnostic a fence-sitter I am now and always will be an atheist. Ive read the god delusion twice now and I dare say its my new basic instructions before leabing earth… haha.

Love ya Dawkins!

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