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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I want to thank you for writing The God Delusion. I was raised a very liberal Roman Catholic, but I come from a family of scientists. Actually I never gave much thought to my beliefs: neither in favor of them, nor in the form of real doubts.

Being interested in the world's cultures however, I've spent time in Buddhist monasteries, Hindu mandirs, visited Maya temples and the sacred places of the Greek, Romans, Incas and the Bön. While respecting their heritage from an aesthetic and historical angle, I never once felt the slightest bit of actual belief in any of these religions or philosophies (although I have a soft spot for the 'middle way' doctrine of the Buddha).

After reading your book, it occurred to me. The God Delusion told me what I've known all along: I don't belief in “my own” religion anymore, either. Things make sense to me all of a sudden: you've helped me take away the second last blind spot in my eyes (not the one that developed there through evolution, but the one that was put there by my ancestors).

All the best,


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