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Jan 30, 2013

I was born and raised under Christian doctrine. I had a firm unwavering belief that there was a God. I felt I was old enough at 18 to make the choice of choosing my own religion and was thus confirmed into the Christian faith. Then I went away to university and the world opened up before me. I spent two and a half years studying evolutionary biology and geology. You never had to convince me that Natural Selection was a fact, for never had anything been explained with such rationality and simplicity. I understood evolution on a scale that (sadly) few people do. But as to my faith, I was torn. Everything I had been taught to believe and everything I had chosen to believe was falling apart, as it did not fit into the new model of life I was creating for myself, by opening my eyes to the world. For the past couple years I have been trying to discover where I lie in the grand spectrum of beliefs and I haven't really found anything that suits me. Then I read The God Delusion, and it seemed clear as day that finally I had found an option that fit what I truly believed. There simply is no God. My scientific mind was able rest after being reassured by your arguments that what I knew to be true could be true after all.

I felt deeply saddened by the passage where I read of a scientist throwing out science because of his belief in the Bible, instead of the other way round. After clearly studying the biological and geological evidence, and coming to understand them so well after years of university study, I could never throw them away in place of a hypocritical, self contradicting, malicious work of literature.

You may add my name to the list of converts. I think the most important thing I have learned is that people must educate and learn to think for themselves. I am still asking questions and encouraging others to do so.


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