Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(705)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins.

I come from a small country called the Faroe Islands. The population is under 50.000 and Christianity is very dominant. In fact, it is so dominant that because of it homosexuals were not protected by law from discrimination until 2006. This should give you an idea of our country with so called freedom of religion.

I was raised in a Christian Protestant home and always felt as though it was my duty to believe in God, even though neiter of my parents practice their religion at all. I went to a Christian camp were I feel i was indoctrinatet and only now, 6 years later at the age of 22, I have finally admitted to myself that I do not believe in God and even if he did exist I certainly would not follow the God of the old testament.

You have put so many things in perspective and I am much happier now that I have shed my religious “beliefs”

Thank you for your work with enlightening people.

– An atheist from the Faroe Islands

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