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Jan 30, 2013

Richard Dawkins,

Yes, I am one (of many I suspect) that follows on from Douglas Adams after reading Richard's book The God Delusion. It was an enlightening and encouraging discussion/lecture/explanation (& more). I understand so much more that has puzzled me for fifty odd years. Roman Catholic by birth (a bit lapsed and lazy), born again through Pentecostal AOG, disillusioned by other 'meanings of life', I now count myself as an atheist with some conviction on a scientific basis with constructive arguments and clear reasoning. Thank you Richard! (by the way, some dictionaries add the word 'wickedness' to its description of 'atheist' which may help to explain for Richard why some people have the 'negative' view of 'atheists').

I have appreciated that Richard comes over in his TV programmes and book as a free-thinker free from emotional overtures. It has helped me to understand my past. Not yet sure about where this will take me, but I feel free'r than I have before).

My only concern is that what keeps the free-thinking going is the individual free thought, and although group action is needed to promote this (as Richard discusses in his book), any organisation of 'members/associates/etc etc' tends (from human nature -darwin ?) to start 'being organised' with rules and regulations that start to limit the free thought to 'what is acceptable for the organsiation' – and there we have the thin end of the wedge!? I know its negative of me, so I'll try to be positive about it all.

Thanks for all the books and TV.

Alan [Devout Atheist ? / Born again Free-thinker ? / Enabled Bright ? Ooops, maybe too close to religious language!] (One has to have some fun in this)

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