Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(709)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Thank you for your wonderful books and your enlightenment. After 30 years as a pious Anglican I converted to Roman Catholicism – all the usual reasons. Often I even considered going forward for the priesthood. And for another 30 years or so I followed my chosen brand of Christianity seriously. The sacraments, the devotion to Mary, saying the rosary etc. Then a catholic colleague lately told me that he was reading The God Delusion and was finding it hard to counter any of the arguments. So I bought a copy. And almost over night, my blind faith dissolved. I saw it all as an act of fiction: colourful, consoling, historic and popular – but fiction nevertheless. Did this cause me awful traumas? Not in the least. I have woken up from a long, drugged dream. It's rather like finding out at last how a brilliant conjuring trick is done: the lady is not really sawn in half, a rabbit does not really live at the bottom of the top hat, the watch was not really smashed by the conjuror's hammer. And once I can forget wondering at imaginary supernatural beings, I can find out so much about the real wonders of life. I have read many more books, especially your own, which have opened my eyes further to science and objective reality. I am free at last and I can look forward to ending my days with head held high and vision clear.

Bruce McCrae

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