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Jan 30, 2013

I was raised Jewish (in terms of tradition; my whole family is more or less agnostic) and I was always on the fence about whether to believe in a god (not necessarily the Jewish god, but any god or gods), but reading "The Blind Watchmaker" has gotten me down from that fence. At this point I have gone from being agnostic to atheist. However, I still enjoy the Jewish traditions I grew up with. My family and I never did them "in the name of God," but more to build a sense of community. I would say that I have now and always identified as a Jew culturally because I value the traditions. I would liken my identity to being part of a tribe (for lack of a better word). And why not? You can have fun and meaningful celebrations that originated in religious tradition, but still be an atheist. It makes me think of when you interviewed a religious Jew and asked him why he couldn't still have his traditions while accepting science. Your work and speeches have made me think outside the box and see the world as never before. I hope you will influence more people in this regard; we need more people to start thinking logically!



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