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Jan 30, 2013

I have recently within the last month or so 'discovered' Richard Dawkins and others of his ilk, and I must say I am truely relieved that there are people like him and others in this world. For my 30 yrs of life so far have been one of inquisition of religion and mysticism. I have experienced many different things in my life, from military service in foreign lands after high school to experimenting with controlled substances etc…, but reading and listening to his lectures are a true breath of fresh air. Growing up with a religious family (my mother is a fairly devout brainwashed christian, and my father is a retired Army chaplain but is fairly moderate in his beliefs oddly enough..) I came to consider myself an agnostic yrs ago (when I relized what it meant) but Dawkins and others have eloquently argued the notion of the improbability of a 'god' of any sort, and I have to agree. Having an interest in science of varying forms from biology to cosmology, I respect the discipline and how it operates. I am always shocked with how many people in the modern world do not realize the progress in which science has made and what it has done for the world. I also applaud Dawkins & Harris for bringing out the totally irrational and ugly sides of religion and what it has done and continues to do to the world. I have always thought the exact same things but never has anyone expressed them so clear and concisely. Im not sure of what else to say excpet If there were more people like him & Harris in the world there would probably be a lot less problems.

Aaron Perkins

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