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Jan 30, 2013

I was raised Lutheran. While I actually have many fond memories of church, I am most definitely an atheist. I never gave it too much thought until graduate school, where I was surrounded by scientific thought and reason. It became part of who I am. I wouldn't believe anything without evidence in science, and I began to apply this to my whole life. It started out as a small flicker of light in my head. “As a scientist, I cannot say there is a god.” It grew over the weeks and months, until I finally admitted it to myself, there really is no evidence for a god, so how can I say god exists? This is how it started for me. It was this realization that actually led me to yours and others' books, and since then I have become more comfortable and proud and excited about being an atheist.

All my life I had this nagging in the back of my head about god. I would go to church, I'd pray. I was never extremely involved in it or anything. I guess you could say I was a casual christian. I don't think I ever really did believe in god, and that was what was nagging me. It was such a wonderful relief to finally admit to myself that I am an atheist and that there is no god, it was like a burden had been lifted from my conscious. I had been lying my entire life about god, and 25 years worth of lies were suddenly gone. That feels great.

Thank you all,

Warren Hammond

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