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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

I had never fully believed in my upbringing faith of Christianity. Nor did my parents but yet I was still taught to hold the ''morals'' of this faith as a guide on to how to live ones life.

One freezing cold day walking down the West End just before Christmas a red and black book cover caught my eye. Wandering into that book shop changed my life forever.

Your book has given me the explanations & facts to prove what I had already suspected. It took me months to read your work, as much as I couldn't put the book down every 2 or 3 pages I was totally astounded by what I was reading & had to go research the information given myself. Time and time again I was drawn deeper in the glorious mindset that is Atheism.

You have given me the courage and determination to do everything within my being to ensure that the world stands up and takes notice of the facts! Not non truths that have been circulating for thousands of years.

The only chance of a stable future this world stands is Atheism.

Lisa Crundwell

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