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Jan 30, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

I first saw your book when I was debating between Islam and Christianity. Little did I know that your books, lectures and interviews would make me the atheist I am today. How constrained my worldview by religion. You have been, and you have succeeded in promoting the true and reasoned world of science. You magnified the similarities between fairy tales and religion. I realised how pathetic I was try to debate between two religions that turned out to be plagiarisms. I realised that stars in the night sky are the reason for our existence, and not just the reflection of God's engineering capabilities. You rhetorically answered all the gaps in the universe without having to surrender to 'God'. You enriched my curiosity in life by flooding me with the mysteries of the universe. You are of the very few people that have something honest to say about God, and that he ('close to definitely') doesn't exist. And in the highly improbable event that he does, you will be the first to go to heaven, because you are honest about it. You are willing to face your beliefs.

The 'God Delusion' is a masterpiece. It is the loudest wake up call and will be referred to for coming generations. There will be posters of Richard Dawkins before Che Guevara and Marilyn Monroe.

The first time I read 'The God Delusion', you swept my ideas in a personal God. You exposed me to the fairytales I believed for all my life. I learnt that my belief systems were cultural derivatives. Getting over hell and heaven, and the other – as you properly claim them to be – forms of psychological child abuse were too hard to get over, so I became a deist. I read 'The Selfish Gene', and that made me an atheist. I was inspired by the simplicity and cumulative complexity of evolution that I pitied myself for believing in hell.

Referring back to when I thought that religion should be immune from criticism, now I believe that religion should get all the criticism that it deserves. You are a scientist and you have to be a sceptic. And your approach to religion is how any reasoned or sceptical person would approach it.

Canada wants you! We'd love for you to give a lecture here.


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