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Jan 30, 2013


My name is jack i am from Australia and i was brought up in a roman catholic family and in the past 5 years i have read Richard Dawkins books and doing thus made me study on the reasoning and logic behind my religion. I never had thought much about it because it seemed to be a normal part of life but i have come to realize that it is not rational at all. Thanks to Richard i am free from the mass amounts of fear and anxiety i once had about hell and many parts of the bible. Upon dismissing this religion and all religious figures much happiness has been restored to me, So i started talking to my mother and 3 sisters. I was quite aware that they were also in a great deal of fear about hell and such things (My mother in particular) and i had started to talk to her about how illogical it all really is and that she had nothing to fear. It took about 2 years to finally convince her that the roman catholic religion is just to ridiculous to hold any kind of worry about and while she still believes in god she no longer holds any religious beliefs. My family is a much happier than previously as we have had a somewhat rocky road in the past and religion seemed to make matters allot worse. I just wanted to thank Richard and the atheist community for helping me and my family cleanse our selfs of this fairy tail.

-Jack 😀

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