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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

You have successfully deprogrammed me from a belief in a god. For several years I have felt my faith wobbling but, when I finally set The God Delusion down, I realized that it had dropped dead … perhaps out of embarrassment, since you pwned it with such grace.

I have plans of reading the rest of your books, which so far I've found to be engaging, friendly and very relevant to questions that religious people try to keep a monopoly on. Coming out of the closet was probably easier for me than it is for many others, but the hard work is still ahead of me: I've got family and friends to encourage. Your website offers excellent material and resources for us freed souls. Thank you for giving me and so many other young people a chance to grow up!

One last thing: no pressure intended, but I'm not having any kids until you get that children's book on evolution out.


Kingston, ONT

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