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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr Dawkins

Like all others who have written before me here, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for guiding me to light. I am a 27 year old Software Engineer from Chennai, India. I was raised in a very orthodox Hindu family. I think I had my doubts about religion very early on — like there are too many religions and they can't all be true. But being raised in a secular, culturally diverse country like India has this serious disadvantage. The idea that all religions are equal and each one of them is just a “different path” leading to the “same god” is ingrained early on. While that is a good thing, it does seriously undermine the too many religions argument. Of course, I think only Hindu children buy it, because Hinduism is already a (pesudo)polytheistic religion. Our educational system did not help much either. I never took the “evolution theory” seriously. Anyway, so I carried on struggling with my beliefs, unbelievably till the age of 26 — just a year ago– when I met a brilliant atheist friend who calmly dispelled every argument of mine favouring the possibility of the existence of god. He also introduced me to your works. I searched the Internet and read every article of yours and watched every video of yours. I can't describe in words the wonderful feeling of being liberated that every interview of yours brought. They answered every single question (about morality, personal experiences, and many others) I had.

Dr. Dawkins, please continue your good work. I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you, countering stupid believer after stupid believer in every debate of yours. (I've watched and heard many, frankly it frustrates me so much that I want to scream in your support). I am really grateful that you are doing this, because that is how you have managed to reach people like me. I think you might be pleased to know that I already have 3 converts in my one year of being an atheist and another two are seriously thinking about their beliefs too.

I am halfway through The God Delusion and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Your written word is a treat to the reader and so is your speech . Thanks for everything.

Sharada N.

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