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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dawkins,

I'm a 34 years old Brazilian and been deconverted for about 10 years. I would like to say that it happened because of your actions in the field, but it really wasn't. At 15 years old, deluded of living in a world of uncareness, I joined orthodox monastery in Portugal, where I expended 7 years of my life living out of the uncaring world, but well in a fantasy one. I'm very serious about what to accept as true, so I did what I could to stay there, even if after 3 years the “magic” was gone. But just on the year #7, I gve up. I just couldn't live one second more constantly denning Life to my life. Maybe I have to thank my superior, for one particular preach he've give me at some moment: “the only way out is up”. And I know he didn't mean the deep space.

After leaving, I still been a “good” orthodox christian, but one years after, I was just a Christian. The powerful God certainly wans't bound only to some human-made organization. Another year and I had no patient about so many people being sure about the same God and decided that I could workship this God without actually being tied to some cult. Another year and this God became a god, that became god, that became god-like. In less than another year, I was agnostic. Then I discovered Sagan. Then I discovered you. Then I realize that the best definition for God I could give is “The Big Waste of Time”. I'm atheist. It wasn't a “snap”, but surely the decision of assuming somethig that I already fell and live come from reading your and Sagan's books.

Now I see live with another eyes. Sure is not always good, but I'm trying to have my best time on the unknown and short time of life we have. It's a privilege to be alive and since happens to have a brain, I might well use it for other than thinking about allusive wills and deeds from some… thing. So, I decide to use my “alive time” to keep me alive and see where I'm alive. Not very success at both goals, but I don't give up.

Thank you for working on the issue. I hope more and more people wake up from the God Dream.

The unherded cat,


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