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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins

I was raised in a very strict single parent home on the east coast of the United States. My mom, out of genuine love for us and concern for our spiritual well being, saw to it that religion would be the foundation of the lives of my two sisters and I. We were heavily involved with the activities of our local African Methodist Episcopal church. We routinely attended both 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM church services, Sunday school, church socials, Monday night choir practice, Wednesday night bible study, Friday night teen ministry, the schedule of reinforcement was endless and exhausting. I was never able to fully swallow all the scriptures, the concept of the trinity has always been slippery to say the least. Suspicions crept into my mind around the 9th grade, i began to notice a terrible disparity. In contrast to such miracles as the parting of the Red sea, and the reanimation of the dead described in the bible, modern miracles tend to be as subtle as a weeping statue of the Madonna, or as nuanced as getting a parking spot close to the supermarket entrance. Anyways, I moved away to go to college where i fell into orbit with a diverse group of kids from many different backgrounds, some of whom had some very radical ideas with regards to religion. This past January i came across your book “The God Delusion” my roommate was reading it, and i was instantly struck by the title. I read it over the course of a holiday weekend, and was blown away by the candor and veracity of your writing. Your arguments are like a flurry of carpet bombs shattering the sanctuary of my own ignorance, but at the same time liberating me from dogmatic thinking, an unreason. Your book has given me a much clearer view of reality, and a greater appreciation of life. i have sense read “The Blind Watchmaker”, “The Ends of Faith”, “Letter to a Christian Nation”, “Breaking the Spell”, “Infidel” and “god is not Great”. Thank You for giving me the strength to ask questions, and to think more rationally. It has truly made a difference in my life, and my experience. I only wish that your books had a larger audience in the religious black community that my mom and sisters still belong to.

Andrew Okehi

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