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Jan 30, 2013

For the all of my life (a whole 17 years, albeit), I was raised to believe in God. I was taught that Hell was a place I would go if I doubted God. I always loved science, and would strive to watch all of the science programs I could.

One situation I remember is watching a show about human evolution. I hadn't thought about evolution too much, but my mother was (and still is) staunchly opposed to it. She made numerous “or so they say” references throughout the program. I didn't realize what she meant then, but I now realize she believes evolution is a deliberate lie. During the summer of 2006, I began having many doubts in regards to God and religion. I was shopping in a mall with some friends, and I meandered to a bookstore. I've always been interested in religion, so I had an affinity for the “Religion” section of the store. There, I saw a shiny, silver book, The God Delusion. Reading this marvelous book confirmed my newfound atheism. Reading this book also inspired me to purchase every other book so elegantly written by Professor Dawkins. Thank you very much!


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