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Jan 30, 2013


As a person of twenty years of age, I feel relieved to have the piece of mind that you have provided for the masses who greatly appreciate your revolutionary work. When I attended “religion class” every Wednesday night at my former Catholic church, I vaguely remember what was taught, rather, I remember coloring in books that depicted various stories from the Bible. Whenever I asked the teacher why we were coloring, she responded with the moral card, and told me that we should be thinking of the morals when we color. Being that I was a child, I still had the capacity and deep conviction that something was absurdly wrong with what we were doing. This was a reoccurring feeling that I have held my entire life, and now that I have been familiarized with the humorously pragmatic arguments of the book and others like it, I feel so much better. Accepting the truth about religious cults has left me with an inner peace. Thank you so much Mr. Dawkins, I will try not to hold you up as a messiah, but I cannot guarantee anything in a world consumed with delusion.
-Tom Murray


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