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Jan 30, 2013

Hi Richard,

Am a 41 year old teacher, with 4 children. Have done the permanent agnosticism in principle thing for about 22 years now. The ravages of the catholic faith on mine and previous genrations is long documented. I have no need to add to my own tale to the piles of misery that have been heaped up. I was lucky and managed to steer clear of the worst of the roman taliban that stalked my earlier life. I used to fly into fits of rage when arguing against religion when younger, and I really really wish I had been wrong about the abuse. But I was not. 2 parishes I lived in, 2 abusers of boys, my school… another abuser(the head brother). Still the powerful indoctrination of my youth incredibly, continues to seduce me, to forgive and forget, to let it go, to rejoin for that sense of belonging. But like Carl Sagan said, I do not think with my gut. I try to be a good moral father to my children, I used to think that I would pass them on my pure hatred of/ confusion about religion, which has been burning in my head for a long time, an extremely negative computer virus. I loved your elegiac, dispassionate, evisceration of the abrahamic faiths. I have the god delusion(spoken version) on my creative zen. I listen to you coelesce all those thoughts that have been swimming around in my head. I heard you on irish radio debate your book with that most obnoxious of religious bullies David Quinn, all he could offer was The question; who created matter, if science cant explain…it has to be god!!!! How pathetically remedial is that? To think moronic scum like that were let loose on sensitive, impressionable children? That is mortal Sin! Those sad pathetic bastards have had their last sway in my life. I've ignored them, gone with the flow for the sake of peace, but no more. Sorry Sam Harris, but I need to say this loud and proud, I am a good man..I am an Aetheist!

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