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Jan 30, 2013

I read The End of Faith, God Is Not Great and your book The God Delusion. The triangulation of logic from those three books pretty much made me an atheist. Those books made me really understand what an atheist was and wasn't. I always thought that an atheist was someone who didn't believe in god. And of coarse that's pretty much what an atheist is but to me an atheist is more. An atheist is a person that is o.k. with saying “I honestly don't know.” That is one of the fundamental qualities of atheism that I admire – Honesty. This situation we find ourselves in is a much more interesting and beautifully mysterious place when you don't pretend to know things that you are, in all honesty, ignorant about. You are making a difference and I believe it's one in the right direction.

Thank you sir,

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