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Jan 30, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

Like many before and probably after me, I write to thank you for liberating me. Your book confirmed and elaborated the thoughts that existed within me for the longest time.

Today I am no longer an agnostic, but an atheist. I am glad that I can pursue the rest of my journey for Enlightenment without religion bogging me down.

I come from a Hindu family, and I have never really felt the “pressure” to conform. I doubt I would lose any family members. My mother might give up on me as a too “modern” woman but thats about it. She will not love me any less for it. It is amazing how many people in the United States (my current residence) lose the affections of near and dear ones on becoming an atheist. I never knew this was possible.

I am free and thus I shall stay.

I do not really expect an answer. I am just happy to share this with you.


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