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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for writing TGD. Ironically, I got it for “Christmas” 2006. Probably because my wife had no idea what it was about!!

Before reading TGD, I was for a long time an agnostic of the “teapot” variety. Since reading TGD, I have managed to “come out” as an atheist to my wife and some of my friends.

Living in the UK this has not been too hard for me to do, and whilst the wife won't talk about it (she is of the non practicing CofE variety) I have not had a hard time of it. I suspect she has atheistic leanings or certainly agnostic, but will not bring herself around to let go of God. At least she isn't packing her bags and taking the son and dog with her!

To those I have come out to, I think surprise is the biggest reaction. I think, that they think atheists have horns, roast babies on spits and practice pagan fertility dances naked on a Saturday night.

I keep coming to the website several times a week for my dose of rationalism.

I hear you may attempt a children's book – “Go for it”. I can imagine the howls of anguish now…… what a beautiful thought!! I loved the letter to your daughter in The Devil's Chaplain, and when he is old enough I will ask my son to read your letter for himself.

Keep up the good work and all the best.

Rob Povey.


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