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Jan 30, 2013

Hello Richard,

I was raised in Mexico, so I was obviously surrounded by Catholicism and raised accordingly. I'm not sure if I could be called a convert because I spent my entire life questioning Sunday School teachers and getting the typical “just have faith” response. I suppose a never really bought into the whole 'God' thing, but I wanted to very badly, and pretended to 'get it'. My friends were heavily involved in church communities and I was the director of a church choir, although I suppose that was more for the joy of music than for being in church, which I always found so boring. I read the bible (mostly the New Testament; I didn't discover the vengeful Old Testament God until later, like most people) and tried to feel the love of God and Jesus that all these people would talk about, but I never felt it. After a few years I stopped trying and realized I was an agnostic, but without really telling anyone. I became a non-practicing catholic or 'Catholic Light' as they call them in Mexico. It wasn't until I read your book that I realized not only that I am an atheist, but that it's not something to be ashamed of, and even be proud of. Thankfully, I am now living in Finland, one of the least religious countries in the world.
The God Delusion inspired me to read other books on atheism and evolution and finally have that feeling that I'd been looking for for so long. A feeling of understanding and of making sense of the world, without the need for inventing magical creatures.

Thank for inspiring reason and free thought!


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