Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(760)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Converts' corner,

Having been baptised and brought up in catholic schools I was a typical confused and misguided kid who grew up to be an even more confused adolescent. As a result of my confusion and search for a higher meaning and understanding I studied many books on religion, most of which consisted of Buddhist philosophy (non harmful which I still respect today). I had a respect for and interest in all religions with a belief that religion was the key to a free mind and spirit.

After reading 'The God Delusion' my mind was blown clear sweeping away all irrational and misguided ideas and belief's. The more I contemplated Prof. Dawkins reason and logic, the more ridiculous and harmful theistic belief systems would seem to me. What amazes me now is why it has taken so long for this reason to come out? Thank you Prof. Dawkins for making a stand and i can only hope the world will one day be led by reason and science, ridding itself of irrationality and misguiding delusion.

Kind Regards,

G Cooke

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