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Jan 30, 2013


Reading "The God Delusion" was like having the proverbial cartoon light bulb going off above my head! To be honest, I was probably 98% of the way towards being a non-believer before I read what turned out to be the most influential book I have ever laid my hands on. I was raised a Catholic – born in Italy, and all that – and attended several Catholic schools until the age of 11. To be honest it was not a brain-washing experience and I never that I can recall suffered nightmares about roasting in hell for eternity, but for all that I was more agnostic than atheist until I read your book.

The last shreds of doubt disappeared faster than the speed of light. The orbiting china teapot was probably what sealed it for me that a blind belief in the invisible and the plain absurd is untenable. A great book, and you can add me to the list of converts, even if it only required a tiny little push to convert me. I’m now working my way through your excellent collection, "The Devil’s Chaplain". Once again, it’s an eye-opener.

Thank you, and keep up the good work. Please!!

Kind regards,

One More Happy Non-Believer


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