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Jan 30, 2013

I was a christian from age 7 until I was about 20 years old but I had always had some questions as to the nature of God. When I met John, my husband I was blown away to learn he did not believe. How could that be? But the more discussions we had, the more I began to realize that his way of looking at things was much better than my own limited version as to how the world is and came to be.

Before I fully “converted” I was watching ABC or NBC and though not your book, I saw an article on “A Letter to a Christian Nation” and I began to research and found that my husband and I were not alone, and then I was troweling my local bookstore while waiting for the new Harry Potter book to be released and I stumbled over the Shiny Silver cover of the God Delusion. I began to read and was delighted by the contents though admittedly some of the words you used I had to grab the dictionary for. I purchased the book that night though I couldn't complete my reading of it until I finished J.K. Rowling's masterpiece (sorry).

The contents of your book encouraged me to come out to my family and friends, and honestly most of them had the same reaction I did when I had discovered my husband did not believe. I then took it to the next step. My husband and I started a local group here in none other than Corpus Christi, TX. Thats right, The Body of Christ. So far we have had little success in getting people to attend meetings but we do have about 20 official members signed up. Herding cats.

Recently, 8/10/07, my mother passed away and surprisingly enough I handled it better than most of my family. My atheism gave me a comfort that no one else in my family had. she had made a large impression on many people lives, which meant more to me than being reunited with her one day in heaven. I miss her terribly but when I look at my son, and my nieces and nephew, I see her there. She is a part of me and will never go away, and being an atheist I am able to see that much more clearly. So I thank you Mr. Dawkins for being that voice for encouraging so many to come out of the closet as I now have. Good luck with all future endeavors.



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