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Jan 30, 2013

As a young child, I followed my mother to church every Sunday. I never understood why I had to go but I did, because my mother will punish me for defying her. So I grew up with bible knowledge and never had a relationship with God.

As I went to school to study science, I became very interested in getting knowledge. I wanted to know more. I wanted answers. More importantly, like most of us on Earth, I wanted to know why I'm here.

As I moved into the field of Biology, I was taught about Evolution. As I trace back life's origin, it lead me to the knowledge of single cell organism. I have learnt a lot about evolution. Great books by Richard Dawkins are really inspiring and thought provoking.

So by then, I started to question, is the bible account or the evolutionary process true? The more I read, the more I find it convincing that Evolution is the process of how I'm here. Right then, I threw out every ideas about the Bible.

I spent probably around 7 years knowing that life on Earth is all there is. No God! No Heaven! No Hell! I was probably happy. A very happy intellectual atheist. I love knowledge and I love to know more.

So I study very deep into science and get many views from many scientist. However, here comes my conversion. The more I study, the more I find evolution not feasible. Evolution just doesn't work out. There are too many flaws and many of the theories proposed to cover up the holes takes a great amount of faith to believe.

That's when I realised that life is way too complex for random mutation to produce. Sure, Natural Selection can pick out those who survive, but mutation must be there to form it first. From then on, I started to lose faith and look into other theories that is able to cover up these flaws.

All these theories are so much more feasible, suggesting that a intelligent being bringing and forming everything to existence. As I examine deep into the facts, the more I am convinced evolution won't work and these evidence requires an explanation.

I compared it with the bible account and it matched perfectly, explaining the cause of mutation, the long-age readings of dating methods found, etc…

I know “The God Delusion” book tries to explain how God is a tyrant, but it doesn't mean God does not exist. Whether God is good or the worst liar, is another question in my life. I just wanted to know if such an intelligent being exist.

My intelluectual happiness now is still on the same level as I was as an atheist. But my spiritual happiness is so much stronger.

I love these great books from great people like Richard Dawkins. It's very thought provoking and really questions my faith. I would really recommend such books to my peers, atheist and non-atheist. My faith in God is so much more strengthen because of such great people!

Thank you so much!


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