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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

I have always considered myself an agnostic… I believe in science but have always thought that there must be something else – a case of hope over experience I suppose.

I have just read The God Delusion and your reasoning for coming out loud and proud blew me away… Thank you.

I was reading it on the bus and an elderly lady near me commented to a fellow passenger that she too had read The God Delusion and that it had “changed her life… all those years of going to church and everything she had been brought up to believe… it was [is] a marvellous book and everybody should read it” She went on to say that “how much pain and suffering would be done away with if we got rid of religion?” This lady was 80 if she was a day, had probably been brought up to believe in God, Queen and Country, but you managed to reach her…

If only the leaders of churches were so open minded – wouldn't it be fantastic if the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope, Chief Rabbi or Ayatollah stood up and said: “You know what, it's all a big con – we've been having you on for all these years – forget this nonsense, go and spend your time caring for people instead of killing them for 'belief'.”

Can we start a campaign to get atheism to be part of the national curriculum? And also a campaign against the likes of Vardy???

Thank you for bringing me off the fence.

Adam Costello

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