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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

I read the God Delusion and thought it an excellent book and thoroughly well written. Although it did not convert me as I have always been very vary of Religion and its authenticity. I have never really been able to fully believe even as a young child that there is an all powerful being, that controls everything from the most powerful storms to the smallest butterfly. Questions abounded in my mind about the veracity of the claims that religion makes. So I sought other ways of explaining my existence: Physics, biology, chemistry and of course some of the more humanistic sciences like Psychology. This helped me enormously as I finally came to the conclusion that although our lives are comparatively short they are definitely worthwhile and there is no need for a fantastical after life, who really would want to spend eternity with relatives that they don’t even like anyway.

My parents although religious themselves did the right thing and gave me the tools to think objectively about religion and anything that seems not really on the level. I thank them and even to this day my father and I can have a heated debate on religion without getting upset or violent. I totally agree with you that converting children is an absolute abomination and should be stopped. How dare anybody take away a child’s choice to choose.

I would just like to thank you for the book because although it did not convert it gave me confidence to voice my opinions on religion and fully recognise that I am indeed an atheist and proud of it.

Thank you,
Bjorn – Australia

In every Village there is an extinguisher of Knowledge – the Clergyman and a bringer of knowledge – the teacher (although in some states of the US not so sure anymore 🙂


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