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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

Ive been brought up catholic by my family and the schools i attended. Due to my critical nature i begun to question my beleif around the same period as you did. During my late teens a didnt beleive in god but cared nothing for it – although im now an atheist in category 6, leaning towards 7 just as you are.

Ive been through some rough patches in my life – my best friend is strongly catholic. Ive even occasionally in the past tried to convince myself that he did exist just for the comfort and assurance i would feel.

However, about a year ago after i first found out about you, ive never been so passionately enthusiastic about knowledge and life in general. You know how people after near death experiences say how preciously they value each day from then onwards – Your my “near death experience”. It really is a life changing event and am so ever gratefull that a man as your character can so vividly get the message out for so many.

May your good work continue


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