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Jan 30, 2013

hi richard
im 33 years old. when i was brought up i was told that i should expect the imminent return of christ, and that the faithful (like my family) would be mystically transported up to heaven whilst all mankind suffered terribly for years under the devil. you know, apocalypse legends…its all in the bible, mostly at the back.

i was brought up being told that i would be a person in either the new
heaven or the new earth with a good deal of political power – someone
important, like a priest or a prince – pretty crazy, eh?

but my family were nice, respectable church of scotland types…there's a lot of nice churchy people out there with some absolutely insane ideas…the problem is, if the bible is interpreted literally, it is insane.
between my late teens and my early thirties i really struggled to reconcile the idea of god with the real world.
ive had a lot of problems…nothing insurmountable, but it hasnt been easy. the god delusion helped me to draw a line under all of that. i honestly think christianity was valuable in its own right, but im certainly an atheist now. if new evidence came out tomorrow saying there is a god, i would accept it…but that most likely aint gonna happen.
im so much happier and productive now i have said once and for all, after 15 or so years of to-ing and fro-ing, I AM PROUD TO SAY I AM AN ATHEIST.
Thankyou Richard, and everyone else involved in this life-changing movement.

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