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Jan 30, 2013


Your book deeply moved me.

As a boy, I was as dreamer and immensely interested in our world. My playground was the creeks, woods and open fields. In these places I formed romantic idealism. And, I took on religion using my romantic underpinnings. In short, I simply believed because of the romance of belief.

On a personal level, I could twist and turn religion forcing my idealism and optimism. Yet in the churches, I felt completely out of place. My distaste was not based in simplistic differences but in fundamental differences in outlook. Where I saw symbolism and allegory, my fellow religious followers were forwarding concrete physical existence and direct godly intervention. In summary, I didn’t have faith in god but I had a warm faith in warm faith.

As time advanced, I questioned my religious beliefs however I could never clear the final hurdle. Specific intellectual arguments against one religion were unmoving. My attachment was emotional and not intellectual. In my mind, what harm was the fake drug, god, if the drug caused no harm in peaceful people?

I believed in belief until the first chapter in the "The God Delusion" With your book, I found that I am shortchanging myself with a belief in god. With belief, I am not respecting my curiosity and creativeness. I am not respecting my limited time on our amazing planet. Furthermore with belief, I am not respecting the basic foundation of humanity and civilization. The foundation is our collective and individual desire to be kind, compassionate, and industrious. The belief is god is a negative endeavor and is a backhanded insult.

An amazing book,

Larry Cloyes

Searcy, Arkansas


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