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Jan 30, 2013


I lost the centre of my universe at the age of 4 and a half. My beloved pop died suddenly. I felt very cheated that my pop was taken from me by a god that was supposed to care and love you so much. I felt even more cheated by the religious platitudes I got from people who did not care how I felt, only their own self gratification and egos. So from an early age I have been questioning. I have to thank my parents for their support in that process of questioning. They never forced any religion on my brothers or myself. We were never baptised, something for which I am proud of now. I see this as having never been stained/poisoned by religion at all. I also have to thank my parents for the education they provided and the great morals that they instilled in me. One of those morals was to be civil and respectful of all people regardless of how much you don't like their views or ways. To that point I was always respectful of religious people and when asked gave the standard humanist/agnostic response so as not to offend. I liked to keep my head down.

Well, not now. Since I had heart surgery at the age of 44 last year, I have had an awakening of my mortality and have been out there looking, reading, questioning and it was with great pleasure that I saw the Root of All Evil shows on TV recently. Now I have pulled the fence post out of my butt and have firmly placed myself on the side of atheism. I feel rather relieved and saddened in a way that I did not do this years earlier. It's a little like “coming out” of the closet. I feel now that I am ready to get on with life and marvel at the wonderful complexity of the universe with reason and logic.

Chris Durbridge

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