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Jan 30, 2013

I'm not sure if you or anyone else actually reads these stories, but regardless I wanted to share it with perhaps someone in our gigantic cyberspace.

I was once what you might call a 'faithhead' or a 'nutter.' From childhood through the age of 23 I was deeply committed to Christian belief, and Pentecostalism in particular. I'm not sure if people know what this means, so I'll explain briefly. Pentecostals generally believe in the same things that 'normal' Christians do, but they believe in miracles, manifestations of evil (demons, etc.), and manifestations of supernatural gifts (prophecy, 'speaking in tongues,' etc.). I believed deeply in all of these ideas and even thought that I had experienced them personally.

When I went to a religious school to study theology, however, and started to use my brain differently, things started to change. Even though I was studying theology (and some philosophy), I was learning how to think logically and confront difficult problems. Though I applied this to my faith, which was irrational, it started the slow process of my descent from faith. So, once my brain was open to argument and disputation, all it took was honestly trying to confront your and others arguments against faith. I'm still not claiming to be an atheist because I'm not sure that this is the most humble and honest position, but I'm definitely agnostic leaning towards atheism. In other words, I don't KNOW whether god exists, but I can't make myself believe in it or its doctrines anymore.

So, there's the short version.

Craig R. Atlanta, GA

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