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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard D
I hope you get to read this even though you are very busy. Your work is so important. I am now a convinced atheist and think that religion is very dangerous. I was formerly an evangelical christian. I came to my own conclusions before I read any of your articles, and my own views are confirmed whenever I see you speaking on TV. You get a lot of opposition and I just wanted to encourage you and others who are able to put their views across so effectively to keep at it. It seems just as important as the courage and committment of people like Wilberforce in the past. It seems like you are a pioneer and maybe the great good that you are trying to do won't be recognised widely until after your time. I have a great respect for you for being willing to speak out. I hope that even as you grow older you will be willing to continue to do so – for the greater good of mankind.
With kind regards.
Yours respectfully
Cumbria UK


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