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Jan 30, 2013

I came upon Richard and his books through Science, Evolution and an interest in life. I have also read books by Edward O Wilson and Jarred Diamond. At the time I started reading one of Richard's books I was unaware that he was an avid atheist but enjoyed the book ‘The Ancestors Tale’ as it put together the whole story of evolution together in a very precise manner. When I was young I read a lot of Science fiction and have since thoroughly enjoyed all of Douglas Adams books. Loosing him so young was very sad.

Being brought up in England my parents made me go to church (C of E) every Sunday where they felt it was a ‘social’ requirement. They never really discussed God. My first doubts about God were when, in the choir of the local church (although I couldn’t sing!) I remember reading the phrase aloud ‘I believe in the father the son and the holy ghost’ – and I realized I did not believe it. I was about 11 years old.
Since then I have not been very religious although I did get married in church. I have always considered myself Agnostic – leaving open the possibility that a god or gods existed. It is only recently that I have thought more about religion and why there are so many of them! Surely if one religion is correct then all of the others must be wrong! – Or are they all correct? Or more likely they're ALL wrong! It seemed to make no sense. Then I read The God Delusion. Thanks for clarifying most of the questions that I have had about GOD. It all makes so much sense when you realize that there is no evidence to support the existence of any god. It is just wishful thinking and while it may comfort some people and help give them reason for their existence, it has no founding in fact and is all superstition!

A recent radio talk show (May 07) interviewed a Vatican representative about the Pope’s visit to the US and they discussed why god allowed so much pain and suffering and why some people suffered while others did not. The convoluted arguments trying to justify why a good and kind god would do this were bizarre. When you realize there is no god and it is just plain luck of the draw that some people have pain and suffering and others don’t, it all makes sense.
The best questions are ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and ‘Why are we here?’. Why should there be a meaning to life – you may want one, but that doesn’t mean there is one. Because we are ‘here’ does not mean there has to be a reason! As for morals I don't get mine from the bible. I also don't intend going round hurting people. For life to have evolved to where it is we should all appreciate what we have and allow others to do the same!
Thanks again Richard for helping clarify some important things about life. When I pass on from this world I don’t want to have lived it following some godly mythology that is just fiction and never ever know that it was all false. This is the only life I know for sure that I will have and I will continue to live it understanding that life is just what it is – life.



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