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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I hail from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, and am 21 years old. My parents had gradually left the church before I was born, but they were under the insidious impression that by rejoining the Church I would be a better individual. As a result of this, my father became ordained as a Deacon (an officer of the Presbyterian Church) and became a very devout believer. At the same time I was having doubts about this Christianity, and was a well adjusted Agnostic (as defined by Aldous Huxley).

After hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, my father left home abruptly, leaving my mother to care for three boys in different schools. My father was so indoctrinated that he was convinced that the Apocalypse was imminent, and he stayed in the woods talking to himself for several days. Any ambivalence I had towards the good of religion was banished after this event, and I decided that I could not sit by the sidelines as religion continued to poison the minds of otherwise reasonable people around the world.

The God Delusion was the last of many books on Atheism that I read, and while other books dispelled the stigma of Atheism, The God Delusion summarized everything that I knew about the idiocy of religious dogma, and then some. After realizing that belief is the acceptance of an idea without any evidence, I came to the conclusion that I don't believe in anything. This sounds utterly pessimistic and hopeless to those growing up in the clutches of unfounded ideology, but with thought the notion is emancipating. I thank you for your many books, any I look forward to many more (I hope!).

PS: I have read The God Delusion several times online and from the library, but I do not own it. I still live with my parents and if I buy a book espousing Atheism I will most likely be thrown out of the house. (I was threatened with this simply by receiving a book from our good friends that had the word Hell on the cover). If a version of the book was made available that did not have the title emblazoned across the dust jacket I think that many more fence-sitters and closeted Atheists would buy it. I would like to advertise my Atheism, but in many places in the US and especially in other countries, the penalties for doing so are severe.

Thank you again for your book and most especially for this website. They are continuing proof that logic alone can undo a lifetime of indoctrination and ignorance.

Evan White


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