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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

"Do you believe in god?" a question that I always felt very offensive whenever thrown at me out of religious curiousity or shall I say bigotry, and I thought of it as if someone is asking me if I am stupid. I have always replied by saying with a certain and mocking voice "Of course not!"

After The God Delusion; I now know it is very offensive indeed.

Thanks for the Ancestor’s Tale, Thanks for the Selfish Gene, and thanks for the Blind Watchmaker, and most importantly, thanks for taking the world stage to communicate 'Reason’ and the virtues of knowledge. A much needed wake up call for our time. The Meme is out.

All the best,

Ali S.

p.s. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam was accused by the people of Mecca to have God Delusion when he first announced his visions. Now I know what that meant 😉

So much for Quatum Mechanics.


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