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Jan 30, 2013

My name is Ken Pierce, I'm 23 years old from Monroe, Georgia in the southeastern U.S.. I read The God Delusion as the final part of what I would call my “conversion trilogy”. The Origin of Species and On Human Nature by E.O. Wilson were the other two books that led to this.
I think it is important to mention that I live in a very conservative town within walking distance of 7 churches. I am also an employee of my own church as a musician. It is very hard for me to attend church every Sunday and not believe a word that is being said.
I was indifferent to begin with, but I have realised that I cannott believe what I do not think is possible. So according to the scale presented in The God Delusion, I would say I am a 6 with an openess to evidence showing that God exists.
I have only told my brother what I believe because he is the only person that has ever asked me. I will tell anyone that asks me, but as of yet, I have not been asked. “Do you believe in God?” is not a question that gets asked often in Monroe. My brother was very accepting of it as I knew he would be. I am nervous about the time that the rest of my family and friends find out, if they ever do. My mom and younger sister are very instrumental in their churches and I know that my mom is a strict creationist with no time for Darwin or even discussing it.
My brother calls me a “Good Atheist” because I am not trying to convert anyone with arguments or crusades. I don't think I could try to do that because I have been left alone enough to discover things for myself, eventhough it was by accident and out my friend's and family's blind assumption that everyone around them believes in God, not just a universal spirit or prime mover, but the God of the Bible.
I am glad to say that my best friend is a Darwinian that believes Christianity and Evolution can co-exist and I am happy with that.

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