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Jan 30, 2013

I'm 20 years old and last year I deconverted to Atheism.

My best friend during my childhood was raised in a very conservative Baptist Church. In high school we often had debates about religion and I always defended my Episcopal Church. During our debates, my friend encouraged me to read the bible in its entirety and not to just quote mine for my evidence. I never had the time to do so until I got to college. So my freshmen year in the time span of about 4 weeks I read Genesis, Exodus, Revelations, and Mathew in their entirety. This opened my eyes to amount of BS in the bible. At that point I rejected Christianity and became a deist.

Shortly after that during the summer, I was watching lectures on and I happened to come across Richard Dawkin's An Atheist's Call To Arms ( This was very interesting and inspired me to buy his book, The God Delusion. After finishing that book I am proud to say that I am an Atheist and I'm not afraid to tell people.

Thank you Professor Dawkins for helping me to open my eyes and not to be afraid to be open about my beliefs or the lack of them.

~Andrew E.

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